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Employing the concept

一、Light weight, high strength (text only for style reference)
Architectural aluminum templates approximately 25kg / m, for existing template lightest metal building, the construction process is completely usable artificial assembly, transport, does not depend on lifting machinery and equipment, experimental test data to prove the flexural strength aluminum alloy for ordinary steel triple , tensile strength ≥180mpa, yield strength ≥110mpa.
二、Design a shape, tight construction, high precision
Construction drawings forming a design, the overall placement, construction tight, small error, high accuracy, and ensure the overall strength and service life of the building, very suitable for standard story high-rise, high-rise buildings with apartment buildings and multi-building.
三、Assembly and disassembly is easy to learn, save labor
Al template construction is simple, do not rely on skilled workers with long experience in the template, it is easy to learn assembly, split, ordinary workers through simple training, induction can operate independently, thus saving labor.
四、Cycle frequency of use, low cost shared equally
Aluminum formwork system can be reused all accessories in standard construction, the aluminum template cycle times up to 300 times lower unit cost shared equally.
五、Wide range of applications, strong bearing capacity
Aluminum formwork system for all building components, such as load-bearing walls, columns, beams, floors, stairs, balconies, etc., are available through the cement pouring once completed, aluminum template uniform load and can withstand strong pressure bearing capacity of the concrete side, effectively ensuring construction quality.
六、The effect of good quality construction, plaster-free
Construction is good, accurate geometry, flat and smooth, can finish at or near the water effect, reducing or eliminating secondary plastering jobs, thereby reducing or eliminating the cost of plaster.
七、Construction of high efficiency, short construction period
Aluminum templates for fast form removal system, depending on the climatic conditions, generally 18-36 hours to form removal, so you need to configure a single layer of aluminum templates plus three support to meet, you can maximize engineering assembly, dismantling construction speed, the normal construction of up to 4-5 days layer, thereby significantly shortening the construction period, for the construction of units to save administrative costs, and shorten the development cycle for real estate developers.